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THUNDER FROM DOWN UNDER -  4 Reviews      Rating 3.5

ANJA B.  8/11/2013

It was boring! Sorry guys, you're pretty but this is the most boring show I've been to in Las Vegas. There were some cute and funny parts, but overall it was a bore and a lot of it was terrible dancing in clothing!

Be prepared to be treated very poorly by the staff, they are absolutely horrible, all of them.

If you're part of a bachelorette party and wasted then this might be the show for you. Don't sit in the back, you'll be completely ignored. Make sure they know you're a bachelorette though or you will also be ignored.

Pre-game since crappy and small drinks are $10 a pop.

Honestly, Zumanity is much more stimulating and is immensely entertaining. I would recommend that over this "show" any day. I'm sorry I didn't go see that again instead.

Overall I was one very disappointed lady at the end of the night. I had more fun gambling at the penny slots, it was much less expensive too.

MAGS K.  8/5/2013

The show was as expected- partially nudde glistening men. The drinks were great and surprisingly affordable. A perfect night for those bachelorettes.

Two stars because the young "lady" who took our tickets at the door had a terrible attitude. It didn't ruin our night, I put the incident behind me and waited to vent on Yelp :) We asked if we had a table-she snorted that the whole theater was tables- very helpful, thanks. The attitude and comments continued for a few minutes until another woman escorted us away from her.

I get it, she deals with rather annoying women on a nightly basis. But it's expected- don't apply for the job! Since this is Vegas and there are other male shows I will recommend others because of her. Too bad because those men really work it hard to have a greeter tarnish their review.

JEAN K.  6/11/2013

If you've seen Magic Mike then you know what to expect at this show. Yes, it's super cheesy. It's more like a farce of sex/sexuality than anything else so don't feel threatened husbands, boyfriends, etc. At least the dancers looked like they were having a good time.

However, there were some surprises in store

- the guys were very beefy, like weight lifters more than lean sportsmen

- the guys were much older than expected, if there were any young 20-somethings they sure hid it well

- the girls in the audience really get into it, just like the movies there's lots of screaming, hooting and hollering

- some parts are a bit slow and I got bored, probably my fault for not drinking more

- at the end the MC does his dance (just like in Magic Mike) but it went much further than the other dancers, groping the woman's breasts and having her put her hands down his pants to rub his penis (not kidding!), very gross, I hoped she poured Purell over herself afterwards

As a classic bachelorette event it's hard to beat but once is enough for me. BTW, at the end you can get your picture taken with the dancers but it's $20 per person - yes, that's right - $20 per person NOT per photo.

Also the theater isn't very big and they do pull audience members onto the stage from the back so I don't think it's worth it to pay extra to get front row tickets. Unless you want to be able to grope the dancers as they strut the tables (they only jump on the tables near the stage).

JOCELYN M.  3/27/2013

I have to say I was reluctant to go, but it was a girl's night out and so I was down!

We got these cool seats off to the side (a lot of the main action happens in the middle if that is what you are looking for).

Thankfully the show was not just like a strip club, but the boys actually had routines and acts where they did some group dance scenes..... Imagine NSYNC music videos but with buff Australian guys who dont practice dancing as much.

I thought it was thoroughly entertaining and I got a free mouse pad with a YELP CHECK-IN, haha.

Had to take away a star because the ladies they bring on the stage were part of the show. I thought they were seriously random chicks and enjoying life, but she was from another strip show at the hotel, SMH


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