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CHIPPENDALES -  5 Reviews      Rating 4.0

JESSICA H.  7/31/2013

My very first male revue show, and I definitely had high hopes. After seeing Magic Mike, I guess I just wanted... more.

We went on a Monday for a bachelorette party. Surprisingly, there was a good a amount of people there. The venue is really small, so there really isn't a bad seat. The boys did cliche routines (cop, firefighter, military, etc), showed their behinds, and occasionally sung a pitchy tune. Nothing special.

The seating is theatre style, so you have to be on the end of a row or in the front to get interaction. I didn't like that part. Also, the music is INCREDIBLY loud. Paired with screaming girls, it can be a bit much.

After the show, you can take your photo with the handsome bunch for a low cost of $20 per person, which was $80 bucks for us. Definitely a rip off but we got the tickets for a really good price, so I won't complain too much.

I have wanted to go to this show since I was 18, it was definitely disappointing. I actually got bored 30 minutes in. I'd skip it.

LESIE H.  5/19/2013

I can't really say I've experienced better since this was my first time experience anything like this. I don't really remember their names, so here are my nicknames to them:

MC: loud blond guy, can sing, and a bit narcissistic for someone in his field.
Guitarist: great player, doesn't strip
Dreads: the only guy that can dance (great job with Smooth Criminal)
Blank: no expression in any act, very boring
Mess Up: thinks he can dance but keeps messing up.
Adam Levine: cuz he looks like Adam Levine
Fabio: long blond hair

The Experience

Price: pretty hefty.
Environment: screaming drunk bachelorettes in their 20/30s. A few 40 somethings.
Music: a rip of all popular songs today and the past few decades. MC sangs a few, not bad.
Choreography: crap. Can't be in sync for their lives.
Nudity: PG-13. Penises are censored.

Overall: it seems like they are out to please and make sure everyone has a fantastic bachelorette/birthday/etc. Those that are willing to go upstage and gyrate their hips get free peeks.

Tip: Check-in = free calendar!

SHARON V.  3/19/2013

I wasn't crazy about going to this show because let's face it, there are countless of real shows in Vegas that I'd rather see but it was girls night out and this is what the other hockey wives wanted to do.

Tickets were pricey ($75) and more than I think they're worth but it's decent girl fun and you've got to go to one of these shows at least once in your life. Unfortunately, I've been to more than I'd like to admit with various bachelorette parties so the novelty has died off long ago. I couldn't stop laughing at how cheesy the show was and I found it even more hilarious how other women were behaving. It's all in good fun I know but seriously...some of the girls looked like they were going to faint. lol I will admit, the men had great bodies and were nice to look at. If I never have to go to one of these shows for the rest of my life, I will be ok with that.

The $15 cocktails at the Flirt Lounge...eek!

KATHY T.  6/18/2012

My girls and I were running late to this place. We got balcony seats. Never get balcony or else you will not get pulled onto the stage to participate. We missed probably 1/3 of the show because of the traffic.

About the show:
My girls and I were pretty disappointed. We had higher expectations for this show. Most of the performances were boring. The guys weren't that cute, sad to say. And I thought one guy (the host) was Joey Lawrence from Blossom, but I couldn't really tell and none of the girls knew of him, WTH? I had to ask him at the end when they took pictures with the crew, and he said yes! So he is a temporary host.

The alcohol is expensive, so pregame at home! I think about 3 of the whiskey or henny shots came out to $40. Somewhere along those lines. The ladies that the men pull up onto the stage sucked at entertaining...seriously! When they tell you to do something, put 100% into it and don't be shy. Of all the bachelorette's I've seen, many of them seem boring. WHy??!!! I guess I am the life of the party as they say...haha

There was too much clothes on the men and when they had some parts where they had to wear briefs, the briefs were lose. If you want to see more action, rent a stripper or go to a stripclub, that's all I have to say.

Pictures at the end:
You get about 2 shots to get a good picture of the group and they give you a sample picture to take home. If you want to redo the picture because 1 or some of the girls heads' were covered, get it done before the men clear the stage. That's what happened with my group. I asked a staff about it and he they could photoshop it in. But the lady who printed the pictures said no. There was some miscommuncation I'm sure. The photographer needs to pay attention to the ladies and how people are positioned because that will get us to buy the pics. We would've bought it if one of the girls head wasn't covered...

LOREN B.  8/12/2013

Oh my goodness. "Save a horse and ride a cowboy." My mantra for the rest of the year. The most attractive men I have ever seen. It's surreal. I sat in the second row. There really isn't a bad seat in the house. It is on the upper level of the Rio. I would recommend going to the bar downstairs that serve five dollar drinks. Bottom line: these men are amazing. They change up their routines from military, firefighter. etc. You will enjoy it. The glow in the dark paint...SPEECHLESS. I was pulled on stage and they gave me a poster for my participation. The Chippendales from the Amazing Race were therefore STARS. Enjoy!!


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